Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yesterday Jennifer and I went to Disneyland for the afternoon and evening. Last year Memorial Day was not that crowded but it was somewhat crowded this year.

Anyway, I did a couple of "trip reports" with photos on a Disney community board which you may view as a guest.

The first one is about our quest for Indiana Jones. Click on this link to read and see photos and some videos

Looking for Indiana Jones

The second one is about our day in general with photos of things around the park, the parade and the Flag Ceremony on Main Street.

Memorial Day at Disneyland

Friday, May 23, 2008


My daughter has just finished her final course, Professional Cake Decorating, to earn her certificate from the Culinary Department at Long Beach City College for her Baking Certificate.

I thought I would share with you some of the cakes she has made during this semester and the last couple of years. I am having trouble getting the photos in the proper sequence so they are out of order date wise.

Her cakes not only look good but they are yummy as well as everything is made from scratch using the best of ingredients.

This carrot cake was for friend's birthday June 27, 2006

This cake was made as part of her Introduction to Chocolate class April 27, 2006

A birthday cake she made for me to take to school on April 5, 2006

The filling was real whipped cream with cherries

One of the girls in her baking class asked her to make this cake for a party she was having on April 21, 2006

This cake was made on April 25, 2006 to thank a couple who had been helping with the college group at her church and they were going into a different ministry.

This is a closeup of how she makes roses. She took two semester's of Work Service classes for credit at Rossmoore Pastries which is a very well known local bakery in the area and that is where she learned to do them.

More of the roses

This is one of the first cakes she made this semester in the professional cake decorating class and they needed to learn these techniques. January 30, 2008

On February 27, 2008 they learned the basket weave

April 3, 2008 they worked with fondant

The final exam was to make a wedding cake. The inside of this cake was dense chocolate with chocolate chips, whipped cream filling with sliced fresh strawberries. The frosting on the outside is French butter cream made with lots of real butter and sprinkled with eatable gold which does not show up well in the photo.

She also hand dipped large fresh strawberries (purchased at a stand not the grocery store) in dark chocolate and then drizzled the white chocolate over them.

The staff at my school was the recipient of most of the cakes she made in class. They were complimentary of them all but especially this last one. One teacher said it was the best cake she had ever had.

I am very proud of her. This is the only photo I have of her in a chef's outfit as she does not like having her picture taken. This was from when she worked at a summer camp a few years ago and she is the one on the right.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Gasp! An update ...

This last Saturday, May 10, was the 15th Annual Run/Walk For Women's Cancers. For 5 years Curves Lakewood has participated with a team. I have done this for 4 years, 2 of them as team captain.

Here's our sign as we head away from the coliseum toward the starting line

And a lot of other people were right behind us

I thought this companies T-shirt was pretty cool

Getting close to the official starting line

Even dogs get to be a part of the walk

On the other side of the starting line two fire engines display the American flag

Lynn and her son from my school walk in support of ... me! (I've blocked out my last name as I don't believe in putting full names out there in cyber space).

Out of the thousands of people there we ran into two teams of people I know! This is part of the team from my school who were walking in support of a mom who is battling breast cancer for the fourth time.

We've made it to Mile 2

KABC Channel 7 is always there and one of the weathermen, Karth Kemp is also there. He is the nicest most down to earth man you'd ever want to meet.

I thought this photo of Lynn and her son was so sweet.

Disney had a team participating too :)

We are approaching the end and this is looking back at the crowd ...

... looking forward.

As you approach the tunnel entrance this group bangs away on the drums. It makes it very exciting.

Made it to the end, Mile 3!

Approaching the tunnel entrance

Coming out of the tunnel we approach the finish line.

After we got our medal and as a survivor, a rose, we went and got our snack bag.

The entertainment this year was The Go-Go Girls. They were very good.

A huge crowd fills the coliseum

I like the fact that they always light the flame for this event.

This year we had 23 people on our team. So far we have raised over $1,000 most of which was taken in by a raffle at Curves that I organized. I am very proud of everyone who came out to support this most important cause.

Update: As of 5/23 the amount we have taken in is $1,745.00!