Monday, September 07, 2009

It's been a long, long time

Anyone remember that old song? So I came over to my blog today to change my photo. I figured it was time and I see it's been almost a year since last posting. I'm involved in Christmas Joy again this year!

So, where have I been? Well, I'm still reading some of your blogs but I do almost everything on Facebook now. Yes, that's right - I've crossed over to the dark side LOL. I do enjoy it though and have found it to be a great way to keep up with my friends and events that I like to attend. I've also found that uploading photos there into albums has been much easier than this blog. So, if you are on Facebook and would like to be friends with me just do a search for Irene Kautto in Lakewood, CA and "friend" me. If you want, write me a little note and let me know you are from my blog.

See you around.

Sunday, November 23, 2008



I am again in my church's production of Christmas Joy this year. We are taking a departure from the Victorian era and the play is set in 1957. The first part of the play we wear clothes that reflect the 1950's. Half way through we change in to our Victorian costumes. The play is about a congregation wanting to put on a big Christmas Eve show and invite people from all over to come to it. The pastor is expecting so many to come that we practice outside and the production will be outside. Also we wear Victorian costumes to give it a different look. By setting the play this way we can wear two types of costumes and it explains to our audience why we are performing "outside".

The performance is just two weeks away on December 6 and 7 and December 13 and 14. Two performances each day for a total of 8. It has been a lot of hard work. This year I tried out for a drama role and got one. So besides playing hand bells for the prelude and a number in the play itself I also sing and "dance" and do drama.

Today at our rehearsal everyone was to wear their 1957 outfit. They wanted to make sure we had the right "look". Here are some photos I took today along with some of me posing in front of the "record shop" in my scene one dress. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Yes ... today I turned 60. 60???!!! Where did that number come from? It's hard to believe as time just seems to go by so fast.

Today my daughter Jennifer (the baker) threw me a Mad Hatter Tea Party. We invited some friends I've had for years and some new friends. Not everyone could come but we had a nice, intimate group. My friend Ellen graciously opened her house to this event. Jennifer did a wonderful job planning, purchasing and preparing everything. She's been cooking or baking all week!

Below is a slide show of some of the best photos that Carolyn (Ellen's daughter) took. Enjoy.