Saturday, February 03, 2007


Last Sunday a group of posters on MiceChat
a group of people who like to talk about all things Disney, met at Disneyland for the second anniversary of these boards. Here are some pictures that some of the mice chatters took that day. A very good time meeting new friends and going on rides together.

This photograph was taken in front of the castle which is currently being repainted and the "bling" from the 50th anniversary removed.

I am standing off to the left in the red sweat shirt behind Crazy Legs and Purple Dove.

The Disneyland staff and photo people had two cameras and several cast members to hold people off to the sides while the pictures were being taken. The man on the left in the white shirt goes by the screen name of DarkBeer and takes really good pictures.

Here is Al who writes columns for MiceAge. With him is CrazyLegs.

Here I am talking to PurpleDove. Behind me is my brother Bruce who goes by the screen name Lost Boy speaking with Disneyphile who recently purchased a professional video camera and is starting her own business taking videos of weddings, etc.

My brother Bruce aka Lost Boy went early and met with the group to have breakfast. That's him in the purple shirt and funny hat. I came later after Church.

At 11 AM the group took a ride on the Mark Twain. Bruce and I are on the far right.

After the Noon meet at the Hub where we had our picture taken some of us went to the Plaza for lunch. Here Bruce is talking with a MiceChatter.

Here I am in a photo FishBulb took. My screen name on MiceChat is Wendygirl. Bruce and I have a Peter Pan theme going on :)

Here is a nice photo of Bruce and I with Purple Dove.

After lunch we all headed over to see Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. It was a very funny show and because there were so many of us whooping it up the show was full of energy. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. In the afternoon Bruce and I went to see the Jedi Training Academy and then over to DCA where we watched Block Party Bash and then Turtle Talk with Crush. We ate a hot dog for dinner and then headed back to Disneyland...

where we met up with the group and went in to the Opera House to see the displays and watch the 50th anniversary movie starring Steve Martin. Afterwards we took some pictures in the area where you exit the movie. The young lady in front in blue is a MiceChatter but is also a cast member and works this attraction.

From there we all head to Pirates and our group took up four boats. This is part of the group walking up the ramp to the attraction.

And then we headed over to Haunted Mansion where we all as a group recited the entire dialog in the "stretching" room . It was the most fun I've ever had in that ride.

The group split up at that time and most went to ride Space Mountain but Bruce and I and a few others decided to watch Fantasmic instead.

All in all a wonderful day at the happiest place on earth with good friends. Thank you to all the MiceChatters who took these photos.