Sunday, February 19, 2006


A little after 7 a.m. this morning the sun was shining brightly in the East. Toward the West heavy rain and dark clouds were approaching. But this produced a huge double rainbow. The above picture is the left side of the rainbow. The right side was really intense in color and the double part could be seen better. Enjoy!

If you look carefully at the last picture, you will see a plane that had just taken off from the Long Beach Airport flying through the rainbow. Pretty cool, huh?

Sunday, February 05, 2006


OK, OK ... I admit it, I didn't keep my New Year's resolution to keep up with my blog. So, I will try again.

For this post I am going back a few weeks to January 14 when the parents association at the school where I work put on their annual Winter Social for the parents in the association and the staff. They hired an outside group to come in and put on a Mystery Dinner. Set in the early 1940's we were asked to figure out who shot the two German couriers in Rick's American Cafe. We had five suspects to choose from and there was an agent who conducted the investigation. I, of course, guessed incorrectly. I had asked before the event if we could dress up and my friend, a retired teacher from the school, and I turned out to be the only ones who did. That is me above posing by the piano in the American Cafe dressed in mourning, after all someone had been killed! The fox stole around my neck belongs to my neighbor who graciously let me borrow it. It was a very fun evening.

Since then it has mostly been work and puttering around the house. Jennifer is back taking her culinary classes and doing work experience at a bakery. I am looking forward to some of the things she may be bringing home this semester!

She and I got a free one year pass to Universal Studios and have been twice. Maybe sometime I will post on that with some pictures. Universal is no Disneyland, but it was free! We take the Metro Rail to get there which helps to avoid gas consummation and frayed nerves.

Speaking of Disneyland, she and I will be going in March. One of my students Dad works for a company that has done business with Disneyland from the beginning. They have the passes to get into Club 33 and so he got me two. I can hardly wait. There will be photos and a post, I promise!

I took a very funny picture on the Metro Rail Thursday afternoon on the way to Universal. Jennifer spotted the sign but she wants to use it on her blog. If she doesn't, I will post it on mine!