Sunday, May 14, 2006


Yesterday was the 16th annual Revlon Run-Walk for Women's Cancer in Los Angeles. This was my second year participating. The pictures that I have posted for this blog are from last year's event. I didn't feel like carrying my camera with me and frankly everything is just the same. In looking at the above picture just imagine that I am wearing a purple shirt instead and that the survivors hat is red. Wearing red and purple made me feel like I was part of the Red Hat Society!!! Revlon gives everyone a T-Shirt but this year Curves Corp. also made available to the Curves clubs in the Los Angeles Basin a free T-Shirt. They were dark purple and across the front in white it said Curves Cares for Women Revlon Run Walk L.A. May 13, 2006. What was nice about this is that there were lots of other Curves Clubs there and we could see each other on the course and talk to each other. I thought it was a great idea and I applaud Curves for doing this. We had a small group from our Curves. Unfortunately our new owner just was not on the ball with the event this year. I may take over organizing it next year so we can have a full team. We would also do a fund raiser in the club with donations and sell raffle tickets. I have big plans for next year! Something else I and a few others did differently this year was to take public transportation. I got up at 4:45 AM (yawn) and met the others in front of Curves at 5:30. Then we drove to the Del Amo Blue Line Station to catch the 6:09 AM train (which was on time!). We got off at the Pico Station and walked one block over to Staples Center and caught the free%2

Well, I lost the rest of this post while editing the color of the print. Seeing as how few people read this blog I am not going to try and recreate it. I will just soldier on with the new posts.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Last night I attended this event at a church Paul and I have been checking out. I signed up to decorate a table because I enjoy doing that kind of thing.

It was a lot of fun. Here are some photos and comments to enjoy.

This is the gym. They strung a cord the length of the gym and hung the small white lights from side to side and up over the cord in the center making the canopy effect. Then they hung paper lanterns from the lights. The big gym lights you see up high were turned off when the event started making for a very nice effect. Paul helped set up Friday night.

The following are some of the decorated tables. If we were a decorater, we were to bring the disposable plates, cups, napkins and plastic wear. Then we made some kind of centerpiece.

This is my table. I purchased the vase, rocks, and plants in the middle. Everything else was stuff I had around the house.

I gave each person at my table their chop sticks (very inexpensive but pretty). I also made origami swans. I went to the library and got a book on how to do it and made the easiest design called Simple Swan.

This is a view of the platform where the podium was and where people made announcements, gave away door prizes (I did not get one) and the speaker presented from.

This is Mona. She was one of the event coordinators and the moderator for the evenings. She is very good at this kind of thing and very personable.

Our food was catered by Panda Express. There was lots of it and it was really good.

So I really enjoyed my night "in the Orient". It was fun and I got to meet people and make new friends.