Saturday, April 07, 2007


It has been way too long since I have made a post. So much is going on but I thought I would stop and take the time to smell a rose and pet a cat.

I cut back my roses and fed them in January. Now that hard work is paying off. One red rose bush is blooming up a storm. All the others have buds or are just starting to bloom. I think the cooler, overcast weather is dampening their spirit. I suspect if we had warm, sunny days they would also be blooming.

And who is the cat you might ask? Good question. He just showed up in the neighborhood a few weeks ago. The folks across the street feed their two cats on their front porch and this guy decided to mooch. They have tried everything to get rid of him but he is very persistent and also very friendly. I do not think he is a feral cat. Much too friendly for that. He is either lost or someone dumped him. The two cats next door, who were also friendly stays in the neighborhood until they were taken in, do not like him. We also have a stray feral female in our back yard that we can not get close to. She is all black. I suspect she will end up pregnant. Just what we need. But as Paul has pointed out, it is keeping the rodent population down.

Here are some photos I took this morning. We have named (always a bad sign) the friendly stray Marmalade for obvious reasons.

This is the first bush to bloom. It has always been the most productive and the first to bloom.

This photo is along the front of the house showing all the bushes are just ready to burst.

Here is Marmalade. It is hard to get him to sit still long enough to get a picture.

He thinks he should be allowed in the house, but ...

the answer is always no. (I know, how can you resist a face like that!)

I have the next week off of work for which I am thankful. Things start to get hectic this time of year. When we go back we go right into two weeks of SAT testing. Then there is a field trip, then Open House and before you know it summer vacation will be upon us. I have been working for a new teacher this year and we have hit our stride working together. I took her to dinner the other night and to see Miss Potter, based on the life of the author of Peter Rabbit, etc., at the Bay Theater in Seal Beach. I had seen this movie in January or February when it was out for only a short period of time. I knew Janet would love it and was so pleased when I discovered this old neighborhood theater was showing it. She loved it just as much as I did. I highly recommend this movie when it comes out on DVD. Trying to find it playing anywhere is difficult if not impossible.

Another good movie out right now that is wonderful is Meet The Robinsons. Go see it!!!

Something else I am heavily involved in is Revlon Run Walk for Women. This year I volunteered (what was I thinking??!!) to be team captain for the team from Curves in Lakewood. As of this morning we have 20 registered with a goal of 25 by April 20. This is because we have a parking spot for a bus reserved for us. But we have to have 25 registered by April 20 to keep the spot. With some word of mouth and another Curves advertising for us, I think we are going to make it. I have also gone out to local businesses to procure items for a raffle we will be holding in club to raise money for our donation to Revlon Run Walk. I am now 5 1/2 years cancer free, so this event is near and dear to me. Here is a link to our team page which I personalized.

Revlon Run Walk Curves Team 708

This is the Saturday before Easter. I want to wish you all a happy Easter with these words:

HE is risen! He is risen INDEED!