Sunday, November 12, 2006


I can not believe that I have not updated since August. Where has the time gone?!

What have I been up to since then? Well, mostly work. School began in September and this year there are 22 students in our class. Quite a leap from the 14 we had last year. I am working for a "new to our school" teacher. She has been teaching for over 30 years but mostly up in Northern California. We are also using a new curriculum for our reading, phonics, spelling, etc. It has been quite the adjustment for us. My teacher was using this curriculum at her former school which has been a good thing. But the parents are not used to it, yet, and it is very paper intensive. Lot and lots of papers to grade and send home.

We now have DSL!!! Just got it hooked up so maybe I'll be posting more. It won't take so long to download photos.

Jennifer has a job. It is part time and she works for a place called Creative Cakery in Long Beach. Her first use of her first paycheck was getting a Disneyland Annual Pass. Now that she can afford her own, I will also be getting one. And today she is purchasing a used car. It belonged to a woman from her church and is two years old and in excellent condition, a Toyota Matrix which is just what she wanted.

Speaking of church, Paul and I are now going to a church closer to our home. Jennifer has decided to stay with the "old" church as she is very involved there and all her friends are there. Paul and I are now going to Bethany Church in Long Beach. I have begun playing in their hand bell choir which is much more intensive than my other church. Playing in this group means I am automatically in the big Christmas production called Christmas Joy. Besides playing for the prelude and the closing song I have also signed on to be an "extra". The dress for this is costumes from the late 1800's and so a woman from the church has made my costume for me with fabric which I purchased. I have also purchased a hoop skirt and a hair piece of curls. When I get it all together and put it in for our first rehearsal in costume, I will take a picture and post it. Setting the stage and decorating the church has already begun. Paul, because he is not afraid of heights, has been asked to put up the lights on the stage buildings (when said buildings are completed). This will be the biggest play I have ever been in. I have done much smaller things for smaller churches and I love to act.

So, that brings us up to date ... but I guess the most important news is that at my six month check up on Friday, I was again cancer free. So it has now been over 5 years! I am a survivor! I now only have to see the doctor once a year and I will stop taking Arimidex in January.